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The antagonist is also in my heart

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

There is nothing abnormal in the fact that most people hate the antagonists of stories. That is fine, because that is simply what the antagonist is made for – to be a bad guy, due to the need to build conflict between good and evil. If you don’t have a conflict, you don’t have a story to tell. However, it would be dishonest of me to say that I hate my antagonist. No. Contrarily, I discovered in myself some tender feeling toward him. Why? – First of all, he is my “baby” as any other character I created. Secondly, I understand entirely why he has become the person that is represented in my book. I will tell you even more – every time I interact with him on my pages, my heart takes a tumble: Darn it! He’s so good, yet so bad. Let’s think about the topic of being good and bad at the same time. My elementary school teacher once responded to one of my classmates, who angrily grumbled, “You don’t like me!” Then, she explained, “No, I do not dislike you. But I didn’t like your actions today – you did hurt Lorie“. This teacher was excellent at explaining the difference between judging and analyzing. “Judge not lest ye be judged” always has been my leading principle. I’m not saying that criminals should not be thrown in jail or sentenced to prison. Of course not. I believe in the efficiency of general deterrence – accordingly to which the public is less likely to commit a crime out of fear of the punishment; but I always keep in mind that everything is relative. Whereas Mike could be a “bad” person in the eyes of one, he could be a “good” person in the eyes of another.

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