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NLP for children: How to Reprogram Your Thoughts and Survive Bullying

The initial idea of NLP reprogramming is to replace the visual image that bothers us with something that won't bring us pain and emotional struggle. Using our imagination, we create a new look for our problem. Some places, people, and events may summon unpleasant feelings in you. Or, perhaps, they trigger your painful memory. How can you fix this? Obviously, you can’t change those places, people, and events. But what you can do is to change your perspective of them.

I recalled myself as a child again who walks three kilometers to the school every morning, notwithstanding the weather condition. Some more obstacles were added to that:)—Life is wonderful!—Your youngest sibling needs to be dropped off at the daycare, and if he throws a tantrum, you must carry him along with your heavy backpack. "Don't cry, don' cry." There is still a full kilometer ahead of you, and in addition to that, the school is inconveniently but gorgeously built on the mountain (no chance for an extra pound!)

The wind in your face feels cool until it is time to get up the hill. Now, you had to fight the wind. Imagine yourself as a turtle with a shell (backpack) on your back. If the wind blows a bit harder, it may knock you off balance and make you roll down the hill. That is why you must count between the wind gusts. Anticipation could prevent trouble. As soon as you feel a vibration in the air, drop to the ground and hold on to it tightly, listen to the wind until it is gone; then, quickly get up and continue your journey. NLP, NLP, NLP... you know yet nothing about it, you play the image in your head—the image of the big, gray monster on the hill. A hundred yellow eyes stare at you. A tiny silhouette of your math teacher flashes in some of them as she paces between the student desks. Oh no!—She looks inside the monster's eye. She spotted you, climbing up for your education. She can't wait to demean and harass you. After her bullying is over, you may believe that you are the most irresponsible and worthless creature in the world. Don't believe in such! Because your teacher was swallowed by the hundred-blinking-eyes-monster. She is unhappy inside its stomach, but she can't escape... What about you? Can you escape? Can you be happy?

  • Your Imagination Is Something That Always Stays Within Your Control.

  • Your Imagination Is Something That Nobody Can Take From You.

  • With Your Imagination, You are Never Alone, and Never Lonely!

  • Your Imagination Can Defeat Any Monster!

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