My dear pooplisher!

Updated: Aug 24

After canceling my contract with a "pooplisher" in 2019, I received a call from them today as July 2, 2021, with an offer of their idiotic marketing package. Seriously? Have they found me in their archives, as the last fool on their list? I said, "I'm driving, let me park that I could understand the purpose of your call better."

He asked me, "Are you dying?"

I said, "No, I'm driving!"

"Good for you!" there was his needless reply, and I made my silent remark, Only an idiot could ask such a question. So rude and so low.

When I parked my car and got back to my most likely new character he explained what he wanted from me. Since I'm not dying, he found me worthy to scam for another five thousand dollars, and as soon as I told him, "Hey, buddy! You were not that good with your previous two packages. What makes you think I will trust your service now? I wouldn't mind getting a partial refund after all..."— the annoying crackling in my phone started. Such a lucky coincidence – a bad connection and just on time!

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