I can’t imagine myself a happy person without writing

Excerpt from the inspirational story

I went to my first college for four years and obtained a bachelor's in early childhood and kindergarten education with an emphasis on the German Language; then I studied History in College for two years and after that switched entirely to Sociology and got my master’s degree in that field. After reading my thesis, The basic needs as the engine of progress, my professor said “I will talk to a committee to approve you for the Ph.D. program.” At that time, it was difficult for me to finish my Ph.D. I had to do a lot of research while taking care of my two children and working two places— a part-time at high school and the state university, teaching cultural studies and sociology. I loved working with students. They were so eager to learn new things and always ready for discussions. Socrates said, The truth is born in a dispute. You can't find the truth or fix any relationship unless you listen out to the opposite opinions and not just dogmatically expressing your own.

I started two serious projects back in my homeland but could get them only halfway done because an extremely busy schedule didn’t allow me to concentrate on my literary work. When you are struggling to keep bread on your table and are always having to decide which option is right - a pair of shoes for your child and a month of hunger or having a little bit of food every day and letting her walk in torn shoes, you start thinking that you have done everything you could, but everything doesn't always work in the setting you were raised in. The government stopped paying salaries to all teachers, explaining the fact that the state had no money, but we had to go to work all the same. Can you imagine not getting paid for months? A year? That was a disaster. How could you feed your children? I started a small retail business, selling some clothes and shoes until the bandits came with threats to burn all the goods if I wouldn’t pay them. I’m still at a loss what it is they wanted me to pay them for. Living day by day in fear for your kids and their possible future was a nightmare. I prayed to God to finally help me out of that hell, and He responded. One night, I had a prophetic dream. Holding both of my kids in my arms, I ran away from a flood. I climbed steps and then- I am standing on the head of the Statue of Liberty and the water stops just right at my feet. I came to America to fulfill my dream to be a writer, because I can’t imagine myself a happy person without writing.

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