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How your Imagination can pull you out of Depression

I think we all go through a time when we don't really know who we are. It is an unsettling feeling. And it is only as the years go by that we discover who "I" is and begin to feel comfortable in our own skin.

This feeling of not knowing who I am and where I am headed was weighing down on me. For several weeks, it weighed so heavy on my heart that I had difficulty getting myself to do anything besides work. Even keeping my house clean became a difficult task.

It happens that every once in a while I see art in the most unusual of places. This time, it was my sink which I had put off cleaning. It was a few weeks ago that I woke up in the morning, and while brushing my teeth realized that someone was staring back at me. It looked like a gnome in complete inner peace, meditating underwater. Something that I wish to experience at some point in my life. *Inner peace, not necessarily the meditating underwater :D*

This moment sparked alive my passion for art. Almost immediately, I took out my paintbrushes and began bringing him to life. Although this isn't my best piece, this is by far the most meaningful piece I have done. It is not finished yet, but I wanted to share him with you.

Do you find art in strange places? Have you ever found art in your sink? Maybe your omelet this morning reminded you of something?

Do you find it strange that we begin to notice something more often the more we seek it?

(Author: Valeria I.)

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