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Updated: Mar 9


The title of my book came in the course of its writing. The writing was a wonderful thing filled with both laughter and sadness. The story of this cup is hilarious. I went to the local Hallmark store to buy a happy birthday card and a little something for my husband for his birthday. I guessed, that just a gift card for his favorite restaurant would not be enough.

When I walked around the shelves, this cup (on the photo) caught my eye with its big golden letters BFF. My kids laughed when they saw me holding it. “No, don’t you dare to get this for him.”

“Why not?” I asked but didn’t expect an answer. Of course, I bought it. And I placed my gift card in it.


Frequently we get in arguments. Sometimes, it’s over nothing. Just a waste of my time. But sometimes, it’s more than that. Yes, if someone compares your head with a river through which all s… floats, then yes, it hurts. It was always a problem for me to live only at the expense of basic needs. Each of us eats and drinks, sleeps and goes to the bathroom, and monthly pays for all these needs. Yes, my head was always full of something inaccessible to my husband. But gosh, it’s so hard to keep a secret when you have your BFF by your side every day. I wanted to share my project ideas with him so bad! And then, one gloomy afternoon, when he was laying on the couch, watching television and suspecting nothing, I dared. I knew it would be a piece of cake for him to pay attention to me on the commercial break.

“Want to see something?” I asked excitedly.

“Sure, go ahead.” No emotion.

I opened my Word in front of him. He supported his negativism with a sigh of disgust, but as soon as he read in red letters Killing Your Best Friend, his adrenaline finally bumped a level that made him jump off of his couch.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No,” I declared. “This is the title! And I’m not going to change it!”

“People will think, you are a maniac!” he countered.

“Only you, darling, only you.”

From then on, he thinks two times before saying something offensive!

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