Electronic Life vs Joy

One of the signs of getting old is not wrinkles on your face and not arthritis around your bones, but reduced joy. If you can't enjoy such simple things as snow or rain, then you are undoubtedly getting old. Make sure your kids do not get old before you! Pull them away from their phones and do something that would bump a level of their dopamine! The recent snow caused me confusion as my children didn't express much joy about it.

I threw a snowball at them and got my own in return. Once. I expected at least twice. After that, I decided to encourage a tree to play:) I threw the snowballs one after another, trying to hit the same spot on the trunk. Sadly, the tree never responded to me, but that was okay too - I moved on.

"Hey! Let's build a snowman!" I shouted. No, not to the tree. To my kids. Oops, I did not take into account such a thing as #individualism. Their snowmen turned out to be of the size that could fit in their palms. I rolled three large snowballs but was unable to load them one on another.

"Call your dad for help!" I shouted, and they happily disappeared inside the house.

Eventually, we built the poor snowman, but I bumped into the feeling that I forced my family into this process. "Too much of internet," I thought. If they want snow, they can always have the virtual one. Then, a sad revelation crossed my mind: people do everything virtually now. You even can build your virtual family and go on a virtual trip any place you want. Thank God that we are still giving birth to real children and consuming real food, fulfilling our basic needs. The social life, especially for youth, is comfortably settled on a bed with a laptop. And of course, you can see the snow on your screen but you cannot experience it with all your senses. As a result, we distance ourselves from joy, which leads us to a lack of emotions, creating the path to anxiety and depression.

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