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As a writer you should not judge, you should understand. (Ernest Hemingway)

When writing this novel, I decided to create characters that summoned conflicting feelings. There is nothing unequivocal in this world, everything is relative to many things so that to evaluate something on a two-digit scale, which is either good or bad, is doubtful. Any behavior can be understood in terms of causes that summon the such. At the same time, I do not mean an excuse but an explanation of why a person acts in one way or another.

Since the time I was inspired by the idea of this book, with all my flesh and soul, I knew the purpose of it – to demonstrate a destructive effect of the feelings of guilt and self-accusation. How many of us haven’t made any mistake, and how many of us have not experienced shame for something that went wrong under some unfortunate circumstances? How many of us haven’t been playing a judge at least once despite our agreement to the Biblical concept “Judge not, that ye be not judged”. I wanted to bring some relief to the ones and loyalty and tolerance to the others through the clear conception that even with all the mistakes we make and grief we experienced, we can always find our life purpose.

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