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insomnia, looking out her bedroom window. She sees light from the neighbor's workshop and knows something is wrong. From this point, Taurus starts implementing twists and turns of suspense that kept my attention to where I couldn't stop reading. The morning after Tammy sees the lights, the police are knocking on her door. Her neighbor, Alexander has been accused of murdering his best friend. The automatic guilty label is placed upon him as he had just been released from prison for a previous murdering his best friend over fifteen ago. Automatically, this seems like a conspicuous detailed insight into what made Alexander snap. Then add the private attorney/Detective Mohr, causing a change of direction. He advocates for the man that states "I did not do it" by diving into a full-fledged investigation, despite the disbelief of the local police captain, Hogan.This is definitely a book that would be thoroughly enjoyed by readers that like mystery and suspense. The supporting characters that jump in and out of the story were more additions to the twists and insights of what happened the night of the murder. One moment I would think Tammy had possibly had an affair with Marta's husband, only to find another detailed revelation that changed my mind. Taurus effectively kept the pace of the story so it flowed smoothly. Each character was described in detail where it was easy to relate to their experiences without being overly wordy. There are instances of profanity and a reference to BDSM, so I wouldn't recommend this for young readers. I recommend this great thriller to any mature reader that likes being kept on their toes with plot twists. I hope that Taurus continues writing as she had all the elements of a great mystery novel captured in this book.******Killing Your Best Friend 


Post by Eva Lazar - Goodreads - 2 Oct, 2020


When I read books, I generally take notes at the same time. I average about one A5 page per book. With this book, I barely reached half of that! I was far too busy reading the story to be able to take many notes. 

My main concern when reading a thriller, is that it will be gory and cause nightmares and a lasting sense of unsettlement that escapes the confines of the reading experience. That was not the case here. There were no detailed, bloody scenes but the theme of the book was not affected by that lack; rather, I would say that it was improved by it. 

While I felt that some of the characters were a little two-dimensional and the motivation behind their behavior was not very logical, the author did endeavor to make the situation in which all characters were positioned as genuine as possible. I could definitely imagine this book being based on a true story. 

One final comment that I want to add to this review is the following: the ending ties up the story very well, without being all too "happily-ever-after". It adds to the realism of the novel, and is something which I feel lacks in many books of this caliber. A good read, despite my ordinary reservations when it comes to the genre.

Eva Lasar


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