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Joanne provides an outstanding editorial service. She is very passionate about what she does, and that is what drives her desire to provide high-quality edits.

She discovered something new in him: he radiated such placidity and trustworthiness that anybody, even a hopeless loser, would be attracted by. Even there, in Sonya’s house, he made things happen, despite his sister’s grumpiness. And Lesly. That boy couldn’t wait for his uncle’s next visit. And sure, you can trust a child because a child has an innocent soul and an inability to play with his feelings. (loc.1821-e-book)

“As Uncle Andy said, she just loves us forever, and this is a long time to maintain anything in perfect condition.” (loc.3007-e-book)

“I was eight years old, the age when a child is leaving fairy tales behind, including nonexistent things such as Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. The realization of true life begins at that age, with some distinctive traits between us. One of us gets older sooner than the other.” (loc.1556-e-book)


The wind, like a good shepherd, ran the puffy clouds across the sky. Watching how obediently the white sheep followed their shepherd above her head, Tammy was struck with a sudden idea: The clouds always follow the direction of the wind. There is no other way around it. I can be happy, only if I choose to be.

The Mystery of the Psyche and Hidden Romance

Tammy Bartow is wrestling with another bout of insomnia when she glances out her bedroom window and sees a shadow creeping along the cold Alaskan ground near her neighbor’s yard. Ever since her neighbor Marta Gray, married Alexander (Ax), an ex-con who has already served time for murder, fear has hung over the neighborhood like a dark cloud. But as she eventually returns to bed, she has no idea that in a few hours, she will learn a murder has taken place in her neighbor’s barn. After Marta finds the corpse of Alexander’s best friend, Ivan, all evidence points toward her husband who had been drinking all night with Ivan—so much that he blacked out and cannot remember anything. Marta, blind with love, refuses to believe that Alexander could have committed such a chilling act and convinces Tammy of the same. Meanwhile as Detective Andy Mohr attempts to sort out the complex case, he realizes that this is the second time Alexander has allegedly murdered on Mother’s Day. Is it pure coincidence or a bloody pattern?

In this gripping mystery, two determined women and a seasoned detective are led down a complex path to solving a murder.

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This book is:

My enormous thanks to someone, whose honest and constructive criticism greatly improved my book. 

I am grateful to the talented artist graphic designer and just a good friend of mine, who emphasized the spirit of drama and mysticism of the story by creating the right cover for my book. 

I want to give my thanks to someone who has read a few of my very first and very raw pages and said ,"You can do it! "Thank you for your boundless optimism that has always inspired me. 

My special thanks to my middle daughter for all the corrections that she suggested and the lots of laughter in the process; to my oldest daughter who has always encouraged me despite the weather or season; to my youngest daughter who had expressed her genuine curiosity toward the characters of the story and had shown her childish enthusiasm and impatience: When’re you going to publish your book? It has moved me forward with Gulliver steps rather than Lilliputian. 



The first thing that appealed to me was the author's humorous disclaimer. "This is not a killing tutorial. Thank you for choosing it. I couldn't help smiling at those statements. I like the chapter titles; they reflect the author's wit and sarcasm. Engaging dialogues made for a smooth and engrossing read."

- Vickie Noel -


Detective Mohr is arguably the most dynamic character in the book. He is a clear protagonist, fulfilling the “hero” role in this riveting story. Highly independent, his ways of showing care and regard for others often are interpreted as sterile. A natural-born altruist, he has a penchant for ethics over glory and is resolute in his will to uphold what is just and condemn the unjust. In doing so, he is creative in his problem solving and will explore all avenues possible to prove his case, making him the perfect fit to delve headfirst into Gray’s peculiar case and the ominous secrets it holds.



Book Reviewer   

This was a twisted, insane tale that whoever did the actual killing, I didn't believe it until I read the whole book. Quite intriguing, quirky, noisy characters. I knew I was going to like it from page one.

-Owens Tonya-


Two Covers.   One Story.


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